Strategic Communication for Sales Professionals

How to Sell More & Communicate Better | taught by Paul Donehue
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Course Curriculum

Communication Awareness
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Planning the Best Sales Calls
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Benefits & Value v. Features & Price
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Asking the Best Questions
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Listening to Build Value
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Developing a Proactive Style
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Course description

Straightforward steps for developing and refining strategic communication skills, enabling sales professionals to maintain more productive customer relationships, shorten selling cycles, and increase profit margins. This course covers a wide range of simple - but not necessarily easy-to-implement - best practices identified and tested by sales professionals of all tenure levels over nearly three decades:

  • Communication Awareness - "People more often need to be reminded rather than informed..."
  • Planning - Prepare the best sales calls in less time; you'll notice the difference, and so will your customers
  • Probing - includes "5 Keys to a Good Question" and an exercise you can apply immediately in the field
  • Listening - includes "10 Skill Builders" to help you listen to build value
  • Proactive Style - effectively impact and influence others, learn to honestly "assume the sale" and to close more sales in less time
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Paul Donehue
Paul Donehue
President, Paul Charles & Associates

Paul Donehue has made a life's study out of working with and motivating people. His background in sales and sales management has spanned three decades, during which he's held the positions of Retail Sales Associate & Store Manager, Field Sales Representative, Sales Manager, and VP of Sales.

As President of Paul Charles & Associates, Paul consults with business owners and senior level managers to help establish and implement the most effective sales, sales management, marketing and business communication strategies. He regularly conducts training and coaching programs, has published countless articles and white papers, and has spoken at many corporate and association events.

Presented by Paul Donehue, President of Paul Charles & Associates