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Listening to Build Value | taught by Paul Donehue
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Listening to Build Value
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As a sales professional, communication is the tool you use more than any other in the doing of your job; and studies have shown that listening is the most important of all communication skills. Yet it is the skill at which most of us are the least efficient. The impact this has on your ability to sell and on your average profit margins is significant... and even more troubling is the fact that listening-related challenges are very difficult to diagnose, because we don't really know what we're missing!

This course, which is available in this stand-alone version or as part of our "Strategic Communication for Sales Professionals" curriculum, will provide the right mix of information and skill-building techniques to help you improve your listening capacity and, in so doing, help you to learn more about customers and prospects, strengthen customer relationships and, ultimately, sell more at higher margins.

Geared for sales professionals at all levels.

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Paul Donehue
Paul Donehue
President, Paul Charles & Associates

Paul Donehue has made a life's study out of working with and motivating people. His background in sales and sales management has spanned three decades, during which he's held the positions of Retail Sales Associate & Store Manager, Field Sales Representative, Sales Manager, and VP of Sales.

As President of Paul Charles & Associates, Paul consults with business owners and senior level managers to help establish and implement the most effective sales, sales management, marketing and business communication strategies. He regularly conducts training and coaching programs, has published countless articles and white papers, and has spoken at many corporate and association events.

Paul Donehue

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